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Data Acquisition And Lab Vans

MXROS Inc. designs and builds data acquisition and laboratory trucks and vans. These vehicles are used to monitor and record data from oil well servicing operations. Optionally, stations can be added to remotely control frac units or blenders. Lab vans are used to make on-site, real time, quality control evaluations of fluids and slurries.

These vehicles share certain attributes such electrical power requirements, equipment storage, electronic equipment operation and HVAC systems. Differences are mainly customer accommodations which are only required for the data van and sinks with water holding tanks, which are for the lab van only. The enclosures are usually fabricated aluminum with doors, windows, and access steps. Trailer or skid-mounted versions of this equipment are also available.

All vehicles come complete with a full operations and maintenance manual including assembly drawings, bills of materials and trouble shooting schematics.

Standard configurations:

  • Trucks with 12 to 28 ft. bodies with windows and entries per customer specification.
  • Power provided by 6.5 to 15 kW generator, (either with independent power or driven off the road engine), with power distribution, filtration and UPS.
  • Interior finish generally consists of vinyl flooring and walls with stainless counters and sinks in the lab vehicles. Options are available.
  • Data vehicle uses standard 19-inch electronic racks with customer defined work surfaces and seating.
  • Roof mounted HVAC systems with interior and exterior work lights.
  • Exterior under body storage for tools and instrumentation with pull out cable reels.
  • Available with communication link capability for real time data transmission.
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