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Coiled Tubing Reels

MXROS Inc. designs and builds coiled tubing reel assemblies. These products include tubing reels for deploying tubing at the job site and spooling reels for transferring tubing in the yard. Both versions include leadscrew and levelwind assemblies, tensioning drives, swivel attachments, lifting frames and footage meters. Options include static or dynamic brakes, high-pressure swivels, and hammer on unions.

  • Direct drive and chain driven models.
  • Crash frames with lifting eye, access ladder, drip pan, and quick disconnect hydraulic panel.
  • Tubing guide with diamond lead screw, levelwind assembly and tubing oiler.
  • Tubing sizes include 1, 1 , 1 , 1 and 2 inch diameters.
  • All units designed for rapid loading and unloading.
  • Counters calibrated in feet or meters and are available with digital readout.
  • Fully accessible bearings and grease fittings for easy maintenance.
  • Safety chain guard and protective lifting frame.
  • High pressure swivels with hammer on unions.
  • Reels may also be truck or trailer mounted.
Other services include:
  • Spare parts, repair, and refurbishment of existing equipment from other manufacturers.
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