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Pump And Coiled Tubing
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Pump And Coiled Tubing

Pump And Coiled Tubing

Designers, Builders, and Refurbishers of Mobile Oil Field and Coiled Tubing Equipment offering complete systems integration, AutoCAD engineering drawings, and ISO 9000 compliant documentation for your project.


A full line of coiled tubing Injectors ranging from 10,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs pull, and 1 in. to 2 in. diameter capacity.

Cryogenic Equipment
Cryogenic pumping converters with ambient, heat recovery and direct fired vaporizers.

Control Cabins
Fully integrated and self-contained coiled tubing control cabins.

Electronic Panels
Electronic monitoring and control panels for well servicing.

Power Pack Assemblies
Completely self-contained hydraulic power packs for coiled tubing.

Pump Skids
Ranging from hydraulic systems for powering logging reels to large 1500 HHP frac trailers.

Tubing Reels
A complete line of tubing and spooling reels for coiled tubing operations.
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