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Oil Well Logging Equipment

MXROS Inc. designs and builds oil well logging equipment including e-line and Slick Line Trucks and skids. Variations available include mechanical chain drive Slick Line Skids and direct drive hydrostatic drive cable reels.

Standard configuration vehicles include two road engine driven pumps; one for power to the reel and one for power to the hydraulically driven generator. On the body, a center wall is provided to separate the operator and electronics suite from the reel area. This wall includes a large window for observing the cable and level wind operation.

The reel operator is provided with a fixed seat from which he can control the truck, reel operation, and power generation. The electronics operator is provided with a roll chair from which he can access the four 19 inch racks of equipment.

All vehicles come complete with a full operations and maintenance manual including assembly drawings, bills of materials and trouble shooting schematics.

Typical configurations:

  • Trucks with 12 to 21 FT logging bodies fabricated from 12 gauge aluminum sheets and structural rivets.
  • Single and dual drum reels available with mechanical or hydraulic direct drive.
  • Constant speed or constant pull hydraulic load sensing systems available for tool control.
  • 25 kW generator with power distribution and filtered rack power for sensitive electronics.
  • Roof mounted HVAC systems with interior and exterior work lights.
  • Tool storage racks for eight short and six long open hole tools, pulleys and slickline jar tools.
  • Trailer and skid mounted units are also available.
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