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Electronic Panels

MXROS Inc. designs and builds custom electronic monitoring and control panels.  These panels can be electronic, electrical, mechanical or any combination thereof.  Panels are available with engraved stainless steel or silk-screened faceplates.  All wiring of panels exceeds industry standards. MIL Spec components are used unless otherwise specified.  MXROS Inc. can design custom panels to accomplish customer requirements based on supplied design criteria.

All panels come complete with operations and maintenance manual.  When required, assembly drawings, bills of materials, and trouble shooting schematics can also be provided.

Sample products include:

  • Short and multiple production runs of customer designed panels.
  • Engine monitoring and control panels.
  • Vehicle and skid mounted “dash boards”.
  • Power distribution and monitoring panels for voltage, amperage and frequency.
  • GPS, azimuth, and elevation positioning and monitoring panels for Satellite Communication applications.
  • Pressure, rate, volume, temperature, totalization, depth, weight and density panels for well servicing.

Other specialties include:

  • Video, recording, automatic controls and wireless broadcast.
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