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MXROS Inc. builds Electronic News Vehicles designed per user specification. Typical equipment includes a Ford E-350 van, two tall and two short racks for equipment, one or two 6.5 kW generators, 40 FT microwave mast, sound enclosure, power distribution system, stabilization jacks, curbside interface panels and customized electronics suite.

All vehicles come complete with a full operations and maintenance manual including assembly drawings, bills of materials and trouble shooting schematics. 

MXROS Inc. has a repair and refurbish program for older units from any manufacturer. This program allows for the upgrade and reclaiming of older units which might otherwise cease to produce revenue. In these cases, new documentation is created where previously none existed. Often included in these refurbishment programs are bodywork, paint, graphics, mechanical systems, interior attributes and electronic upgrades. 

Standard configurations: 

  • Ford E-350 extended van (or equivalent) with pneumatic microwave mast. 
  • Single or dual generators with power distribution system and grounding system. 
  • Control and monitoring consoles for microwave antenna, generator and pneumatic system. 
  • Telephone hookups, cellular systems, two-way radio and GPS systems.
  • Custom interiors featuring carpeted surfaces using sound absorbing materials and wood trim.
  • Exterior roof work platform with access ladder and curbside interface panel. 
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