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D.O.T. Video Trailer

MXROS Inc. designs and builds Department of Transportation video trailers.  With the fast moving changes in our transportation infrastructure, it is often necessary to provide video surveillance of major roads and intersections.  It is also desirable to accomplish this task with a mobile system that can be deployed to areas of concern on short notice and without the need of cable runs.  To accomplish this, MXROS Inc. offers the D.O.T. trailer with real time wireless remote control and video transmission to a base camp.  All trailers come complete with a full operations and maintenance manual including assembly drawings, bills of materials and trouble shooting schematics.

Standard configurations:

  • Trailer: twelve feet long, all steel with dual axles, 7,000 lbs. GWVR, electric brakes.
  •   Aluminum shelter: 10 ft. long, 7 ft. tall, and 7 ft. wide with two access doors.
  • 40 ft. pneumatic microwave mast with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera/antenna mount and service stairway.
  • 6.5 kW generator or an optional solar charging battery pack, power distribution panel.
  • Roof mounted HVAC system with interior lights and ceiling mounted cable trays.
  • 2.4 GHz PTZ, TX/RX antenna and controller for base and remote station.
  • 5.8 GHz TX/RX antenna and transmitter/receiver for the camera video signal.
  • A camera with 20X zoom and resolution NTSC >460 H x 350 V, TVL, and weather-proof enclosure with heater.
  • A trailer mounted color video monitor and video tape deck.
  1999, MXROS Inc.
422 Lee Road, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
Telephone 940.327.8189 Fax 940.327.8194 Toll Free 1.877.822.5101