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Crime Scene Vehicle

MXROS Inc. builds “special applications” vehicles for the law enforcement industry.  The Crime Scene Vehicle (CSV) is presented as a base of operations for the crime scene investigator and the forensic specialist.

Today’s requirements for crime scene investigation have changed greatly from just a few years ago. The CSV takes these new requirements and today’s new equipment and technologies and combines them into a functional, efficient, mobile office.

The vehicle provides storage compartments for the standard investigating equipment as well as that required for evidence per the latest judicial requirements.  Stations are also provided for the latest forensic investigation lab and communication equipment.

Standard configurations:

  • Ford F-series truck (or equivalent) with a 20 to 28 foot aluminum enclosure.
  • Exterior underbody storage for tools, portable lights, etc.
  • 6.5 kW generator, power distribution center, interior/exterior lighting with dual roof mounted HVAC.
  • Custom interior cabinets, office workstations, and evidence container storage.
  • Investigator PC station with modem link, Computer Aided Dispatch and Lab stations.
  • Evidence refrigerator, Luminal station, lab workstation with sink.
  • GPS, cellular microwave send/receive system, hand held radio chargers.
  • Digital Video Taping system, with download link for PC station.
  1999, MXROS Inc.
422 Lee Road, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
Telephone 940.327.8189 Fax 940.327.8194 Toll Free 1.877.822.5101